Friday, 28 October 2011

Do-it-yourself chair upholstering - on a budget!

About three years ago, I bought a lovely table from Lombok that was made of reclaimed Indonesian teak railway sidings. I put off buying the chairs, which cost around £200 a pop, thinking that I'd buy them when my ship came in.

Said ship still out to sea, I decided I'd had enough of our 'interim' outdoor chairs standing in, so went on a hunt for some cheap second hand ones that I could use. I found two pairs of two different 1930s oak chairs for £10 each on ebay and picked them up. Unfortunately, they were covered in horrible vinyl, so I decided to have a go at re-upholstering them myself.
What was underneath the vinyl.
A quick visit to Argos fitted me out with a staple/nail gun for less than a tenner, then I dropped in on my local upholstery shop and came away with 1.5 metres of pretty fabric for the discounted price of £12.

Then, the fun began. I levered off the old tacks, removed the vinyl, then replaced it with my upholstery. It was all very easy and I'm happy with the result. The only other thing I needed to buy was some scotchguard to protect the fabric (baby feeding can get messy). The only thing now is I'm feeling like I should strip back the old varnish and re-do them! Ah well, for now we'll call them Shabby Chic.
Or perhaps just shabby.
The new fabric goes on

Total cost of chairs and products was just under £70.
before and after - each set of chairs.

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